I had an amazing experience taking the July 14-18, 2011 Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries (FAMI) course at Mt Sinai Medical Center in NYC. The course consisted of lectures and gross anatomy labs, plus sessions with a radiologist and physical therapist.

introduction in pictures: 1 and 2
FAMI: Day 1 – The Back
FAMI: more about the back
FAMI workshop – the BACK (on my Yoga~Dance~Music~Movement blog)
FAMI: You have some nerve!
Dem Bones (on my yogajournal blog)
FAMI: Day 2 – Upper Extremity
FAMI: It’s in the joints
FAMI workshop – the SHOULDER (on my Yoga~Dance~Music~Movement blog)
FAMI: Day 3 – Lower Extremity
FAMI workshop – the KNEE and the HIP (on my Yoga~Dance~Music~Movement blog)
FAMI: Day 4 – Wrapping things up

MARION DIAMOND’S Anatomy Lectures
I have become a huge fan of the youtube Human Anatomy lectures by Professor Marian Diamond of UC Berkeley. I purchased a 99% like-new copy (for just over $40 on amazon) of the Human Anatomy & Physiology text, sixth edition, and have been reading the chapters in concert with viewing the videos. Here are my posts about Human Anatomy, which seemed the perfect “next step” in my exploration of the brain. By the way, I am enthralled by Dr. Diamond! [UPDATE – Marian Diamond, an amazing and inspirational scientist, died in July 2017 at the age of 90. UC Berkeley, where she spent the bulk of her career, wrote this about her life.]

206 bones comprise our Axial & Appendicular skeletons
April 21 – Human Anatomy & the grad school thing
May 1 – Meet Louie (Lecture 1)
May 4 – Functional Human Anatomy (Lecture 2)
May 10 – Our Axial Skeleton (Lectures 3 & 4)
May 13 – Preamble to Our Appendicular Skeleton
May 15 – Our Appendicular Skeleton (first the Girdles) (Lecture 5)
May 22 – Our Appendicular Skeleton (Carsals, Tarsals & Connections) (Lecture 6)
May 24 – Connected Threads & Joints (Lecture 7)

639 muscles
May 29 – 639 MUSCLES, Oh my! (Lecture 8)
June 4 – (Less than) six degrees of separation (Lectures 9 & 10)
June 15 – 3 Types of Muscles (Lecture 11)

Hematology – the study of Blood
June 30 – Mud Mud…Soothes the Blood (Lectures 12 & 13)

Cardiology – the study of the Heart
July 3 – “My Heart Going Boom Boom Boom” (Lectures 14 & 15)

Angiology – the study of Blood Vessels
August 8 – And so it (thankfully!) flows – our Blood Vascular System (Lectures 16 & 17)

Assorted Anatomy
February 23 – Sprightly Knees
April 18 – Yoga & Anatomy
April 27 – Warm up those joints! (on my Yoga~Dance~Music~Movement blog)
April 28 – 6 Movements of the Spine (on my Yoga~Dance~Music~Movement blog)

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