Meet Louie

Meet Louie. My husband gave him the name and it has stuck. Louie used to reside in one of the Science department offices at our school. When the department head heard me wax poetic about Marian Diamond’s lectures, she offered Louie (unnamed at the time!) to me through the summer. Of course, it helps that there will be construction going on at school and Louie would have had to relocate anyway.

He was quite well behaved on the ride home, drawing only one known set of comments from two men in the parking lot of the mini-shopping center where we dropped off two packages for FedEx. Once Louie was home and comfortably ensconced in our dining room, I noticed he had a broken right pectoral girdle and sternum. Well, those parts weren’t really broken; just the metal bars that hold those parts in place. A little bit of duct tape and strategic positioning of an almond still in its shell, and the pectoral girdle is almost returned to its proper alignment. (My first surgical procedure!)

Marian C. Diamond’s first UC Berkeley lecture on Human Anatomy is below. This first lecture is an introduction to the course. After each viewing of a lecture (five, so far), I’ve been posting a tweet or two, partially as an experiment to see if I can distill almost 45 or 50 minutes into a mere 140 characters, and partially to promote these lectures in case anyone else is interested in savouring them or satisfying their own anatomy desire. I am also taking notes in a sketchbook purchased expressly for this purpose. Ungraded, a lecture at a time and on my own time, I am like a college student but without the burden of someone else’s protocols!

@brainbits: Human Anatomy is appreciating YOUR body! Your body is a wonderful kinesthetic learner. Terminology & derivation-are fun & help with recall.

@brainbits: Prof Diamond lecture 1, writes on chalkboard while lecturing (gives students time to process + kinesthetic learning) & sums up w/slides


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