4 Years Old

I wrote my first Neurons Firing post on April 4, 2007. Writing about calendars, I described how my life had long been organized around the school calendar, and then went on to wonder why the school calendar still remained basically the same, despite research showing how adolescent brains were not in synch with the typical school calendar.

Intently curious about our human brain, passionate about professional development – which is really just our churning brains developing synapses, and in awe of our human anatomy functions, I continue to blog in an ongoing attempt to grow my own neuronal networks. When someone stops by and leaves a comment, it definitely results in a burst of positive neurotransmitters!

At times I am jazzed about ideas and learning, and go on a creative, informational, synthesizing burst of writing. Other times I just want to mark an event, using my digital memory as a backup for my personal memory. And just about all of the time I appreciate the lure of publishing, where the possibility that you might read my words helps to keep me focused and with the hope that perhaps you will share your thoughts, turn this into a conversation where we both grow our synapses, and in the best of all worlds, you and I have learned something new and helpful.

My Dad loved to spin a yarn and tell stories about his life; blogging would have been a delightful medium for him. He learned to word process in his late 60s and typed up a 30 page, single spaced memoir packed with humor and heart. When he moved to a nursing home, unable to write or type and eventually unable to talk, I created a blog about him and wrote a post after each visit. Alas, he never was able to read any of my blog posts.

My Mom also loved to write, in her case churning out innumerable emails, sometimes tickling my mailbox several times a day. This English major and often eloquent self-expressor never ceased to amaze me with her choice of words, showing off her inner salty and hip sides with equal fervor. She followed all of my blogs, even leaving a comment or two on posts.

And so on this sunny April Saturday, Happy Birthday to Neurons Firing!


4 thoughts on “4 Years Old

  1. Maria

    You are so right on about school calendars. I teach middle school and oh how I would love a day that started at 8 and ended at 4. My students would be so much more attentive and successful.

  2. synapsesensations Post author

    Thanks Bonnie! Yours was the fastest received comment ever – I only posted 42 minutes ago!
    Cheers, Laurie

  3. Bonnie M. Benson

    Happy Birthday!

    And may we all keep growing our neural pathways.

    take care,

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