Brain 101

These are my posts specific to learning about the brain. Welcome to The Brain 101. In Apirl and May, 2007, I posted extensively about the brain’s physiology, followed by several summer posts covering the senses. Periodically, specific topics related to the brain’s physiology will be added at the top of this list.

Sheep Brain Dissection
Pictures at a Dissection
Cerebellum Up Close
(sheep dissection & discussion of human cerebellum)

Intentional Wording
Time Out to Ponder
Core Dump
Ginger Campbell Interview with Norman Doidge
Plasticity in Progress (Carol Dweck & Lisa Blackwell)
Plasticity and Localization
Plasticity and The Senses: Paul Bach-y-Rita (polysensory)
Plasticity and Education: Barbara Arrowsmith (and Mel Levine)
Plasticity and the Brain: Merzenich and Taub
Plasticity: The Final Four

The Brain
4/10/07 – Brain Stats
4/12/07 – Left or Right (Hemispheres)
4/16/07 – Cerebellum
4/17/07 – Cerebellum.2
4/26/07 – Neurons
4/27/07 – Neuron Development
4/29/07 – Neurotransmitters
5/4/07 – Acetylcholine
5/5/07 – Dopamine
5/8/07 – Epinephrine aka Adrenaline
5/10/07 – Norepinephrine
5/15/07 – Melatonin
5/16/07 – Serotonin
5/17/07 – Endorphin
5/18/07 – Cortisol
5/19/07 – Neurotransmitters.2
5/20/07 – Food for Thought (Brain Nutrition)
5/21/07 – Reflections at 23 (with mention of Plasticity)

5/24/07 – STATES of Mind & the Small Yet Mighty Amygdala
5/25/07 – Amygdala – Small on Size, Big on Function
5/26/07 – The Hippocampus
5/27/07 – Pituitary, Hypothalamus & Thalamus
5/29/07 – Cerebrum, Cortex & Lobes
5/30/07 – The Brain Stem: Pons, Medulla & Reticular Formation
5/31/07 – Corpus Callosum
6/1/07 – Glia Cells

Back to Basics – includes links to informative and well-thought out “must visit” sites about the brain

The Senses:
The Eye and Seeing

Seeing Is Believing
Vases ~ Faces
How We Know What We See
Taste and Smell
Mussels in Brussels, Bagettes in France
Tastes like… Smells like…
Listening and Hearing
Listen with your Eyes
Hearing does not equal Listening
Sense of Touch
Touchy Feely
Touched by a Tickle

15 thoughts on “Brain 101

  1. synapsesensations Post author

    Thanks for sharing the link to your video. I shared it with 5th grade teachers at my school. And as a yoga teacher it was nice to have such a succinct and clear explanation of breathing!

  2. synapsesensations Post author

    Hi Yetta,
    It’s fine if you use a few posts. Please would you be sure to credit them with a link back to the original posts. Also, if you are using them to back up any information on your blog, please note that my posts are not meant to be medical information; people should consult a doctor if they have questions about any of the information as it relates to their lifestyle or if they are beginning a new physical regimen.
    Thanks, Laurie

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  7. synapsesensations Post author

    Hi Kristen,

    Wow! Thank you for visiting and for sharing information about the Neuroscience of Leadership program, as well as the upcoming summit in Boston in October. I’ve already scoped them out at and submitted a form of interest.

    If you are interested and we both attend the October conference (pending approval by my school), I’d enjoy meeting you to thank you in person for sharing this information!

    I plan on mentioning the NeuroLeadership Institute in a future blog post. And lastly, please feel free to share your blog’s URL!


  8. Kristen Hansen

    hi – there is a Post Grad course in Neuroscience of Leadership. I am doing it and it is fabulous. through middlesex Uni, UK (via telecall). I am based on Australia but there are people from every country attending. Next year I will continue and it will become a Masters in Neuroscience of leadership. The is also a NeuroLeadership SUmmit in Boston this year in October. I am hoping to attend. I am also writing a blog – but I have just started.

  9. synapsesensations Post author

    Hi Mary,

    Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I have to smile at your post – having grown up on LI, in Nassau County, my parents let me head off into the city when I was about 14, in the late 1960s. It was a great way to be independent!

    Also smile to see you are a teacher and that you teach an online course. I, too, am a teacher, and along with a number of independent school colleagues we are exploring the creation and offering of some online classes.

    To answer your question about following my blog, there is a link for an RSS feed on the right side of my blog, in the sidebar. Hope this helps!

    Cheers, Laurie

  10. Tina Ryan

    I just came across this site and want to thank you for the wealth of information compiled here…it has proven to be most helpful.

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