Yoga & Anatomy

I just returned from an amazing, intense and immersive 12 days at Kripalu in Lenox, MA, where I participated in the first half of a 200-hour yoga teacher training. I will gradually be blogging about my experience at Yoga ~ Dance ~ Music ~ Movement and, as is the case now, occasionally share portions of that content here.

Over the 12 day span we had three sessions dedicated to anatomy and physiology as they relate to yoga. Having just posted a resource list on my posterous, here are the portions related to anatomy.

Ray Long and Chris Macivor
Ray is a medical doctor who practices yoga. Combining these two passions, he created Bandha Yoga and wrote a number of books on anatomy for yoga, all illustrated in brilliant cut-aways by Chris. I am particularly enthralled by the Anatomic Pose Viewer on their site. Months before ever deciding to apply to Kripalu’s YTT, I purchased The Key Muscles of Yoga and The Key Poses of Yoga, both of which were highly recommended by my YTT teachers.

Paul Grilley
We had three segments covering anatomy and physiology, and one of them was watching Paul‘s DVD Anatomy for Yoga. We touched on just one portion of this four hour DVD. As a visual learner, I found it quite helpful to see comparisons of bone structures of live people, with Paul using the descriptors “normal”, “hypo” and “hyper”, though he regularly reminds his audience that these are relative terms.

Grace Jull
The other two anatomy and physiology segments were led by Grace, who provided us with anecdotes, answered multiple questions, and had us dressing “Mr Bones” (full size human skeleton) with bubble wrap muscles. Grace also is the founder of Farm Wellness, meshing her passions for yoga, healthy living and sustainable agriculture.

Google Body
Though not mentioned at Kripalu, I have just finished exploring Google Body and recommend it for anyone interested in getting a closer view of the interior of your body. Google’s support suggests viewing it on “newer computers that use Firefox 4 or Google Chrome”, the latter being the browser I used. Google Body includes a female and male body, and you can also switch to Google Cow. You can view a video demo of Google Body here.


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