This page is a handy repository for quick access to a few URLs.


STEM/STEAM Talks & Organizations

STEM Workshops


Maker Camps

Computational Thinking/Programming





Social Studies


Language Arts

Art and Drawing Applications

Visual and Oral Words

  • Visuwords – “graphical dictionary and thesaurus”
  • Wordle – visual word cloud generated from the entered words
  • Free Rice – vocabulary with a conscience
  • Read the Words – reads aloud whatever has been typed, initially created to “assist students with learning disabilities with their studies, by means of auditory learning and auditory processing”
  • – free collaborative bulletin board of sticky notes
  • Webspiration – free collaborative visual thinking, outlining & brainstorming tool
  • voki – create customized speaking avatars
  • Cover It Live – live blogging • helpful explanatory article Live Blogging 2.0
  • TodaysMeet – having a private back channel without Twitter


Interesting Games


Digital Footprint 

  • Digital ID (I Do!) – helps students and teachers answer the questions: What does it mean to be a (digital) citizen? What are my rights are a citizen? What are my responsibilities as a citizen?
  • Burlington High School’s (Burlington, MA) site about Digital Citizenship
  • Creative Commons

How Tos and Online Books

Words from/Discussions with other Educators



  • How to Sit While We Are Using A Computer – excellent video about ergonomics of computer use
  • Sense-Lang – has tutorials, but the best part is you can practice using paragraph text from news organizations or add your own text
  • – besides testing your accuracy and speed, an added plus is being able to practice using paragraph text about a topic you choose from a provided list
  • TypingClub – online and free of charge basic practice of typing, very similar to the style taught when I was in 9th grade!
  • BBC Dance Mat Typing – more basic practice of typing, online and free of charge
  • Keyboard Challenge – drag the keys back to their proper location on the keyboard

Smart Board & Promethean Whiteboard

Online Classes

For sheer enjoyment, inspiration or motivation


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