Successful Aging

Oh dear, yet another large print book. I have nothing against the concept of large print, ideally this makes it easier to read for people with vision issues. However, I wish the publishers did a better job with layout and leading, the latter essentially being the spacing between lines. Lines of large type clumped on […]

The Aging Brain (Aaron Nelson)

Aaron Nelson began his Learning & the Brain session by telling a tale on himself regarding memory. If you’ve ever left home on a car trip and wondered if you turned off the coffee pot or the stove or some other gadget, Nelson’s tale of forgetting his child’s blanket and returning home only to discover […]

Brain Imaging from a New Perspective

In this almost four minute talk, Christopher deCharms provides a peek at the technology available to look inside your own brain and use what you see to make changes! His company, Omneuron, is looking at ways to use this technology to assist “patients, physicians, researchers, and subjects to visualize and control the functioning of the […]

Brain Imaging from the Inside–>Out

This morning I clicked on over to Garr Reynolds’ Presentation Zen blog, the way I do most mornings. His post, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s amazing TED presentation, describes Dr. Taylor as a brain scientist who will move you to tears. That was all it took – the combination of a brain scientist and something emotional […]

the End of Old Age (a book, not a proclamation!)

[Over dinner this evening I was telling my husband about this book and my review. His response turned out to be the perfect succinct comment about Marc Agronin and this book. My husband said, “he has a growth mindset about aging.”] In making his case for aging, geriatric psychiatrist Marc Agronin is first and foremost a passionate […]

Jon Palfreman’s Brain Storms

Just this morning I finished reading Jon Palfreman’s highly accessible 2015 book, Brain Storms – The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson’s Disease. I wrote the following review of it for my Goodreads book shelf. Thank you to whoever recommended this book – not sure if it was Palfreman’s opinion article The Bright Side of Parkinson’s in […]