Music & Memory ~ Alive Inside Documentary

For as long as I’ve been interested in the brain, neurologist Oliver Sacks has been someone who has stood out. He is an author of many books, in particular one with an intriguing title, The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat, and one that directly relates to a topic of great interest to me, Musicophilia. If you’ve been following my blog posts, you’ll recall I am reading Dan Levitan’s This Is Your Brain On Music (just one chapter to go!)

The video clip below is from Alive Inside, a documentary about the impact of music on people who live with dementia and Alzheimer’s. The movie is being screened next week in New York City at The Rubin Museum of Art. You can read more about the program of bringing music to nursing homes and people with Alzheimer’s at Music & memory.

[Update April 22: My friend Ann sent me a link to NPR’s eight minute interview – For Elders With Dementia, Musical Awakenings – with Dan Cohen, the person who started the process of crafting individualized song lists for folks with dementia and Alzheimer’s, around which the Alive Inside documentary is based. In my Seated Sunday Yoga Songfest at The Pavilion, I have seen similar connections reblossom when a familiar song plays. There is often the added piece of a personal connection, as my hands connect with another’s, we move and sway and sing, we smile and look into each other’s eyes.]

2 thoughts on “Music & Memory ~ Alive Inside Documentary

  1. synapsesensations Post author

    Hi Merzak,
    I had a similar response when watching the trailer, with my first reaction being that the gentleman in the wheel chair likely did not know he was being filmed as part of a documentary, and my wondering if that was a fair and kind thing to do. However, my belief is that his family gave permission for him to be filmed.

    I also concluded that no psychological harm or discomfort came to him as a result of being filmed. And the result of his being filmed, and of this documentary, is that perhaps many others can benefit from a similar form of this music therapy.

    By the way, the documentary is being screened in NYC later this month, and I am hoping to attend the screening so as to see the entire film. If that happens, I will write a blog post about the movie.

    As always, thank you for your comment!


  2. merzak emerzak (@emerzak)

    esxcuse me but i am really angry with this video .it seems that is so great to be able to come back and react as henry has done.the system is so crual and so inhuman.capitalism make him close communication with cruality .the system want to steal and rip off his dignity.that you can you see how brain has the ability to make his live with beautifull deep sensation..
    but something is not good he don”t know that we are making show with his situation.inhuman inhuman inhuman.

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