The Sherborne Developmental Method

While in Brussels recently, I had breakfast with my son and an online friend who I had the pleasure of meeting in-person. We were talking about learning, yoga, and the brain, and I mentioned my interest in designing a course based around the brain, metacognition, and yoga. My son told us about the Sherborne Developmental Movement, something he heard about from his girlfriend’s sister. She knows something about yoga, being in the process of pursuing her AcroYoga training. She also knows something about education, being a consultant to Escuelas Gestoras del Cambio – EGC (Schools as Actors in Change) in Ecuador.

Here is what I’ve turned up so far about the Sherborne Developmental Movement.

And here are my initial thoughts about a course:
  • activities scaffold from lower to middle to upper school, and continue on for adults
  • metacogntion – what it is and how you can do it
  • understanding your brain as it grows and develops
  • impact of movement on the brain, learning and overall health
  • how you can nourish your brain from early to older age
  • adding yoga to the mix (movement as metaphor)

If you are familiar with this Movement, or you have any suggestions about my course idea, please feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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