Adult Learning ~ Kid Learning

If you are in the education field, you may have heard of Jay McTighe. He is probably best known for his work with Grant Wiggins on Understanding by Design. That quick background is by way of introducing him for the video below, but it is not the take-away from this video.

Rather, the reason for sharing this video is because McTighe is in his 60s. Big deal. Well, yes, it is a big deal, because in his 50s he set out to LEARN SOMETHING QUITE NEW, something that was not merely an extension of skills he already had, but something that was challenging and stimulating. He pursued the prescription for keeping an aging brain (and body) healthy, and a wonderful side effect is he modelled resilience and ongoing learning for kids and others in the world of education.

Here is more, from some of my 2008 posts, about the benefits of challenging our aging brains to learn:

I have written a bit about professional development, adult learning, and by default, helping kids and others to learn. The post below notes the benefits that can accrue when adults engage in professional development. By the way, “professional” development often equates to “personal” development.

[Thanks to Fred for sharing this video.]


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