Visualize This

Visualize this – not only another positive yoga session but a visualization offered by the same student who shared a visualization with us last class, and had asked if she could do another one today. We had a slightly abbreviated session due to having to relocate to accommodate the testing of the sound system in Memorial Hall. And I remembered to sequence the class to the pulse of the kids on a Friday afternoon, last period of a day that began with a two hour snow delay!

What follows, with the student’s permission, is the visualization that ended today’s yoga session. At her request, I had everyone lie down on their tummies, turn their face to one side, and close their eyes, with their arms comfortably placed on the mat. As the class settled themselves, the student went around and placed a small (about 1 inch square) piece of paper under the front left corner of each mat.

Visualization by Ariana

Close your eyes, and please, for the benefit of others, don’t laugh. Try to take this time to focus on your imagination and on my words.

Now, you are going to go on an adventure to the Elsewhere. Clear your mind.

To start our short journey, imagine a bright blue sky, with scattered blue jays, eagles, and mocking birds soaring though the puffy, and snowy white clouds. Then imagine the sparkling, white snow that you are dropped into. You make a crunchy sound as your body sinks in the crispy white snow. Right in front of you, a group of baby chipmunks scurry across leaving tiny footprints and tail marks.

You look up to see a smiling, luminescent sun staring down at you. As you face forward and continue walking, a little house appears in the distance with a single tree adjacent to it. As you approach, you see the bright colors and…

All of a sudden you are walking on the sky! Ahhh… You are flipped over, and are now standing on top of the multicolored house. You gasp, and then you fly across to the right but BANG you slam into something clear, but hard. As you try to take a minute and think about what in the sam toot is happening, you fly across and slam into something clear and plastic on the left. 

You find your balance, and look around; it appears as if there are plastic shiny things falling from the blue heavens above. This can’t be snow, for it isn’t melting and it’s not cold. Are you losing your mind!? Then you hear a tap on the clear wall thingy you flew into before. A huge eye comes and greets you. PANG, now open your eyes. If you are confused then look under the flap of the left corner under your mat. 

[This is what was on the piece of paper under the mat: You are in a snow globe.]

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