Day 2 and OS Sessions at #NEIT2010

Weather-wise, the second day of the NYSAIS Education & Information Technology (NEIT) conference was as glorious as the first! Nice weather is always appreciated because a Day 2 custom is taking the hike up the mountain to the tower at the top, where on a clear day (which this was) the view is immensely satisfying and far-ranging.

People-wise, the second day was equally glorious, as we were able to reconnect with friends. While the sessions at NEIT are usually learning experiences, the portion of the conference I enjoy the most is seeing colleagues and having the opportunity to engage in conversations not just about technology and education, but also about our personal lives. (Thanks to Alex Ragone for this photo and the one that follows.)

Our time at NEIT wasn’t all fun and games (!); here we are, engaged in one of the keynote presentations. We did manage to attend all three keynotes, all five open space sessions, and Fred even presented at the last OS session (on iOS Programming for students). Two of the open space sessions made particular impressions on me, both dealing with change, of sorts, and both following on themes covered in the suggested reading (prior to the conference) of SWITCH by the Heath Brothers.

Mandate, Motivate or Migrate – How Do We Implement Change? was a packed discussion about how we inspire innovation in our students, ourselves, our faculty and our administrators. In addition to the conference reading, Carol Dweck’s Mindset was mentioned, an author and topic I’ve written about extensively. While there are no “easy options” for implementing or innovating change, there are certainly many approaches, each dependent upon circumstances, personalities, and a couple of ounces of creativity. You can read much more about this session in the notes, which are available by clicking the link at the start of this paragraph. (I was the scribe for the session.) More about the other open space session in my next post.


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