One More Note for the Opening #NEIT2010

While trolling through Thumann Resources this morning, the rain is trickling down the marsh side of the kitchen picture window and a way too dark sky is making it feel like night. Lisa Thumann’s blog, however, is anything but dreary or dark. I appreciate the succinctness of her organization, the variety of her postings and the listings on her blogroll. While familiar with many of the blogs she follows, I am definitely not an avid reader of them; there is only so much time in the day.

However…one of the delights in being an early morning riser, even on a dreary, dark, rainy morning (or especially on such a morning!) is that I can amble along on Lisa’s blog and blogroll, lingering wherever I fancy. Hmm, that covers two  (#5 and #6) of the 10 tips in Lisa’s take on our student’s Kit and Kaboodle.

MY NOTES FROM LISA’S SESSION (Any one of these items would make for an interesting discussion. Maybe it’s time to revive our Faculty to Faculty lunch time talks…)

1 – Who is the authority? Question authority! (Mothers against videogame addiction and violence)
• credible, authoritative resources are posting incredible pieces

2- Knowledge of reference sources
Google Scholar – searches reputable articles, journals & books
• “cited by x number of other reputable resources”

3 – Digital citizenship & ethical use of information or google a sampling of what the student turned in
• show kids real examples of people regurgitating what others say
Stephen Downes on Huffington Post, October 18, 2010
yolink and easybib working in synch
• yolink (Firefox add on + embedded in some sites) lets you mine web pages

4 – Where can you go to stay current?
• tools come and go but there is usually another one to take its place
iTunes U
Listorious and Twitter lists

5 – PLNs
• it may be obvious for us, as adults, but what about our kids – do they have a PLN?

6 – Who are your teachers/ Your mentors?
• January is national mentoring month

7 – Always contemplate responding and interacting with content
• participatory
• “the conversation is the extension of the blog post”

8 – You are a content producer
• synthesize information and then do something with it – remix it

9 – How to manage your sources, notes, creations in the Cloud

10 – What’s in the pipeline?
• what replaces the defunct tool & what’s coming next?
• how do we keep abreast of these?
google labs


• How to surf the web filterless?
• Internet safety – how to consider what they share? Safe sharing.
• Digital footprints? Who teaches our kids what this is? Who takes the leadership on this?
• Smart = Safe
• Community effort – everyone has to be part of this education process, including parents
Based on this discussion so far: Possible #11
11. Managing your digital footprint


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