My Mom ~ 6/8/1929 – 10/16/2010

Written October 19, 2010

Dad had Alzheimer’s
so we knew his time would come
But you and I both thought
you’d be here for a solid long run

Early nineties, at least
Though you often said ten more
Little did we anticipate
what life had in store

Walloped by a stroke
Paralyzed on your right;
Dominant side out of business ~
Took away your piano playing might

You lived as you died
on your discerning terms
and we must accept the latter,
no matter what our hearts may yearn

Of your grandchildren
you were immensely proud
And of your grandson’s partner
you welcomed her into your crowd

Your home was your palace
as you would say
And sunshine seemed to pour in
even on a cloudy day

Your laugh was deep and hearty;
it came from your soul.
Playing at the piano,
your fingers were on a roll

Music was your expression –
Playing, listening and writing.
Your Masters of Music Composition
was an accomplishment most exciting!

Chairing the Art Committee
at the UU Congregation
Gave you immense pleasure
a “helping hands” sensation

When we were young
you liked to dance, ride, and skate
but over the years a back injury
slowed down your determined gait

For your eightieth birthday
we reveled in The Jersey Boys
Tapping feet, moving lips
brought togetherness joys!

And with your second grandson
off we did roam
to the American Museum of Natural History,
since childhood, your favorite museum home

Hours spent at your computer
Washington Post, The New York Times
emailing family ~ viewing news and videos,
you thought this communication device was sublime!

Printing out pictures ~
family photos adorn the wall,
though following Stanley McChrystal
caused you a bit of gall.

An eccentric little soul,
so your Doctor said.
She might have been on to something,
as her words I mull over in my head

There were parts of you
I did not see,
But I love you and miss you
ever so fervently

Peace is now yours
and so in my heart
I smile for you, Mom ~
of me, you’ll always be a part

2 thoughts on “My Mom ~ 6/8/1929 – 10/16/2010

  1. Karen Clark

    Laurie and family,
    What a beautiful tribute to a remarkable woman. You left out one very big accomplishment . . . she raised one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. I know the pain you are in. May her memory and life live on in the hearts of those who loved her for generations to come. So very sorry.

  2. Alex Ragone

    Laurie — Thank you for sharing this. It is beautiful.

    I’m sorry for your loss. You obviously had an amazing relationship with your Mom. I’m thinking about you during this difficult time. – Alex

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