Hanging around elsewhere, at the moment

A month ago to the day was my previous post to Neurons Firing. This “place” has been home to my musings about the brain, learning, professional development, related topics, and most recently, human anatomy. Well, the most recent posts have been about my Mom, who had a stroke just last month on August 11.

The day before my Mom’s stroke I started hanging out in another “place”, yogajournal at posterous.com. With the expectation of teaching yoga to seventh and eighth graders this fall (as part of the Sports Conditioning class for kids who opt out of being on sports teams), I decided to keep a log of my experience and classes. Turns out, though, that for the first time anyone can recall, all of the kids chose to be on sports teams for this season!

If you’ve been following Neurons Firing, you know that I’ve done a bit of exploring of human anatomy. Turns out, there are some excellent books about human anatomy and yoga. So I am off for awhile to yogajournal, to learn more about the human body through the poses and breathing of yoga. I suspect that combination will be as soothing for me now as yoga was when I was caring for my Dad.

As for my Mom, she is paralyzed on her right side but she can talk and is cognitively intact. She cannot play the piano, something at which she was quite talented and which gave her much pleasure, and she is a righty so is unable to craft the decorative birthday and holiday cards that she loved sending to family and friends. She is taking life one day at a time…

You have an open invitation to pop over to yogajournal, and I plan on returning here to eventually finish all those wonderful Marian Diamond Human Anatomy lectures!


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