Dear Readers, Your Assistance is Wanted :-)

Dear Readers,

I invite you to brainstorm, share, suggest ideas for a Middle School schedule. Please help by providing your thoughts about what a school schedule could look like for students in grades 5-8, ranging in age from 9 to 14.

This past year our Scheduling Committee solicited feedback from our faculty about our current schedule: what works, what changes they would like to see, and what doesn’t work. Each of us on the Committee also visited a number of schools. Next year we will attempt to re-craft our existing schedule, with the aim of improving the overall atmosphere: less hectic…better suited to learning…focused on the kids…ability for more cross curricular involvement (currently easy to do in the 5th grade because the schedule has large blocks and students stay together as groups rather than following individualized schedules).

At present, we have a separate schedule for 5th grade, and then grades 6-8 have similar (but not identical) schedules. Our day begins at 8:05, and our classes are currently 43 minutes in length (except for the 5th grade, which has flexible longer blocks). Our students take Science, Math, Social Studies, Language Arts (what was called English back when I was a kid), and a language (Latin, French, Spanish or Mandarin). In addition, 5th and 6th graders take required “specials”, and 7th and 8th graders can choose from a wide range of electives. Below is a chart of the items that cannot be altered.

If you were crafting a schedule for these kids, what would you do? How would you organize their day? There is no right or wrong suggestion – just toss in your ideas! Your assistance is appreciated, you are coming from a different perspective, what better way to generate ideas!

Thank You for stopping by and leaving a comment!


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