Ken Robinson, motorcars, and eva2

Ken Robinson continues to move his message along in this 5 minute interview with Bonnie Hunt (who I have since discovered is an actress as well as talk show host).

Feel free to also visit this 3 1/2 minute CNN interview with Ken, Why Teaching is ‘not like making motorcars’, posted March 17, 2010.

If you are a regular reader of Neurons Firing, or you happen to notice the size of the Sir Ken Robinson text in the tag cloud at the right, then you know I am a fan of his talks and ideas. Robinson has informed the ongoing discussions that my husband and I, both educators, have as we think about how education can be transformed. My husband, who is the Director of Information Technology at a local K-12 independent school, continues to explore the ideas of school transformation using the eva2 wiki as a place to compile ideas. I invite you to come along for the sharing of ideas!

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