Get Out of Your Comfort Zone!

NAIS (National Association of Independent Schools) just held its annual conference and, thanks to a large number of folks, many of the sessions were live blogged and there are a slew of related blog posts and tweets. One that caught my attention is Jonathan Martin’s post about Tina Seelig’s presentation on Innovation as an Extreme Sport.

Martin’s post adds his commentary to Tina’s remarks; for a more thorough recap of Tina’s talk he points readers to this post on the NAIS site.

Tina is the Executive Director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program. You can view a number of videos from her Stanford talk on Teaching Entrepreneurship and Innovation or listen to the full podcast. If you only have 2 minutes and 45 seconds, catch the highlight here or enjoy the big words below!

All problems are opportunities.

The bigger the problem, the bigger the opportunity.

How do you learn to turn problems into opportunities? How do you teach creativity?

You get people out of their comfort zone.

You need to be able to take risks to do things you haven’t done before to take on problems that no one knows the answer to.

There are plenty of implications in this for professional development among faculty! It’s better for our brains and our long term health if we can get ourselves out of our comfort zones as we age. It’s better for our students if we can mix things up. It’s better for all of us if we can learn how to innovate.

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