Contemplate Conferences = Chase away winter blues!


While doing some research about Edward Hallowell (topic of my next post), I was directed to the Cape Cod Institute, located in Eastham, Massachusetts. Thirty-one years this institute has been around, and for almost all of those years I’ve been just a few miles away for part of each summer, yet the institute and I never crossed paths. Am tickled to have now discovered it!

The Institute consists of 27 courses, each running for a week and spread out over the course of the summer from June 21 to August 27. The courses are “for mental health and management professionals”, though they seem to attract educators and others in related professions.

ALBUQUERQUE ACADEMY – Brain Research: Learning & Applications, the 2010 Brain Institute

An email from Lisa, the conference coordinator, reminded me of this institute, presented by Greenleaf Learning and entering its fourth summer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I wrote about this conference just about a year ago; definitely no accident that right about mid-winter the thought of summer conferences comes to mind! I have also written extensively about Bob Greenleaf, who is presenting three other brain and learning institutes in 2010.

The Albuquerque Brain and Learning Institute is particularly notable to me because a number of the presentations will be focusing on the impact of our digital lives on our developing brains. This is similar to the topic of last November’s Learning & the Brain conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Thus, it is not surprising that some of the presenters straddle both the institute and the conference.

Of the three keynoters scheduled for Albuquerque, I am familiar with two of them, having heard David Eagleman at the 2008 CAIS Brain, Learning and Applications Institute, which is another of the conferences presented by Greenleaf. Marilee Sprenger is the other keynoter whose name resonates. I am a huge fan of her books and have been wanting to see her in person for years.

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