Want to see how a bunch of IT folks spent November 11-13? November in the NY IS world heralds the gathering of IT folks for the annual NEIT Conference, sponsored by NYSAIS. As arvind noted on ISENET, we are suped up on acronyms… A quick primer:

• NY – New York
• IS – independent school
• IT – information technology
• NEIT – NYSAIS Education & Information Technology
• NYSAIS – New York State Association of Indpendent Schools
• ISENET – Independent School Educators network

Of course, attendees also join in from CAIS (Connecticut Association of Independent Schools), MA (Massachusetts), NJ (New Jersey) and EW (elsewhere). The organizers, of which there are many, superbly manage accommodating 150 or so live bodies, plus any number of virtual attendees, who all share in the mix of keynote speakers, open space sessions, and recreation. Participating is an exhilarating experience! [UPDATE 12/5/2009: Alex and arvind delightfully recap NEIT 2009 in the 114th episode of their 21st Century Learning EdTech Talk, recorded November 17, 2009.]

You can scope out the pictures on Flickr or follow the conversation on Twitter or see the results of many of the open space sessions on the wiki or watch the keynotes.

Among the highlights for me were the professional development session Thursday evening, and Friday’s keynoter Michael Wesch. His name may not be on the tip of your tongue, but perhaps his videos have been in your queue. And if these videos don’t get you wondering, then ponder these questions that Wesch suggests every teacher should be asking.

Using EtherPad, a number of folks took collaborative notes on Wesch’s two part talk. And should you exhaust all of these resources, here is Wesch’s Digital Ethnography site at Kansas State University, which includes the blog, a collection of videos (including the two below), the YouTube Project, and World Sim (social studies teachers, are you checking out this world simulation project!).

The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final version)

and A Vision of Students Today


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