Back to School

Technically, it is still summer. The weather seems to be a little bit ahead of the solstice switch, though, with open-windowed evenings cool enough for down comforters. I find this time of year energizing, perhaps due to the weather but also because my body rhythms are so tied in to the school calendar. It’s September; we start again. And one way to start is by looking back to the end of the last school year.

Back in early June, Sir Ken Robinson gave the commencement talk at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design). His name has appeared here enough times that it almost feels like he’s been a guest blogger. Robinson was invited to talk at RISD by John Maeda, RISD’s President. Maeda gave a TED Talk back in December, 2008, and you can watch it below. It’s been many years since I’ve been in college, so perhaps Maeda’s page on the RISD site is not that unusual for a college president, but it sure impressed me.


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