Sessions #2 – Contours & Perspective

My second online drawing assignment was to sketch three contour drawings of the same objects, each time rearranging the objects in a different scenario. Having drawn my first contour sketch at home at the end of June, and not being pleased with the results, I figured the best way to relax and enjoy the process was to wait till we were on Cape Cod for July vacation. As hoped, I found objects in our wonderful rental house that begged to be drawn.

This assignment was supposed to focus on contours, which is essentially drawing the outlines of the basic shapes of objects, and perspective, which means keeping objects proportional and in relation to one another. For the most part, I found this a relaxing exercise, but drawing an ellipse for a foreshortened round table eluded me!

I did not have the opportunity to draw the third contour while on the Cape, but am eager to try the next drawing lesson. Alas, I have not been doing a sketch a day, which was something I mentioned back in early June. Somewhat unrelated, though, is the good news that the weather has turned more summery, and swimming beckons 🙂

Contour 1 Photo of Original

CapeCodContourDrawing 1

Contour 2 Photo of Original

CapeCodContourDrawing 2


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