Sessions #1 – in my drawing ZPD

First Sessions Online drawing lesson. Pencil feels good in hand. Warm up exercises followed by a sketch of an everyday object. Goal was to sketch object without getting fussy about it. Just jump in and draw. Coffee pot evokes Fred’s morning brew. I know, top perspective is off. Not sure I like this staccato post but will give it a try as a stream of consciousness post, without getting fussy about it. One thing is certain, I am in my drawing ZPD! And am going to try a sketch a day.

ex 1 connet the dots

1-connect the dots by drawing 10 random dots and then trying to connect them with flowing straight lines


ex 2 parallel lines

2-draw a series of parallel lines across and top to bottom to foster smooth control of hand and pencil


ex 3 clockwise spiralex 3 cc spiral

3 and 4-draw clockwise and counter-clockwise spirals to continue warming up hand control of pencil


ex 4 braun coffee maker

5-our Braun coffee maker, sketched Sunday evening


ex 4 photo braun coffee maker

another cup of coffee 😉


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