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Caught Up by an Idea
Caught Up by an Idea ~ SketchUp by Fred

Imagination is such stuff as dreams are made on.

(a simple paraphrase of Prospero/Shakespeare)

Ideas and dreams must be related, for surely both spring from imagination, from some magical joining of neurons and synapses in an uncontrolled burst of thought.

I awoke the other morning from several dreams, the kinds of vivid dreams that come just before waking, then come again after those ten or twenty minutes of falling back asleep on a chilly wet morning. I pictured each part of each dream with amazing accuracy, but certainly I did not “see” each dream in my occipital lobe, for my eyes were closed throughout the dreams.

Where do we “see” our dreams. The vivid pictures exist in some combination of neurons and synapses. Are these spread around our brains according to the type of activity being “seen”, much like memories are stored in the area of the brain in which they were experienced?

Are our dreams just highly active imagination in action? If so, how can I encourage that same imagination to be as active when I am awake as it has been known to be when I’m asleep?

In 1894 Frederick Greenwood wrote Imagination in Dreams and Their Study, published by Macmillan & Company and available from American Libraries, Internet Archive. This looks like a fascinating read, though I’ve barely scratched the surface, having only thumbed (clicked) through bits here and there. From the little I skimmed, it reads like a Victorian novel; perhaps not so surprising given the year it was written.

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.

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