Collaborating on Ideas

Both the CAIS and AIMS brainstorms were collaborative, each in a different manner, and with upwards of 5 to 8 people per brainstorm group. CAIS was individualized brainstorming in collaborative groups, while AIMS was collaborative brainstorming in collaborative groups.

With the CAIS brainstorm, within any group each individual wrote down their own ideas on index cards. In a given group, at the end of the timed session, all index cards with entries were pooled and used to build a tower. In a sense, each person initially brainstormed with themselves, but everyone engaged in the same process, and the tower building was a collaborative effort.

With the AIMS brainstorm, everyone in each group shared ideas, while one person from each group scribed the responses onto the Ning. The Ning is the Independent School Educator’s Ning, and the AIMS Tech Retreat has its own group on the Ning. 

The AIMS brainstorm topic was a tad different from the CAIS topic. Here was the discussion opener on the Ning:

Here’s the place to brainstorm how you can “awaken possibility” for collaboration with and among your colleagues.

Think: activities, venues, conditions in which you’ve participated or would like to participate.

And remember that a good brainstorm includes ALL ideas, no matter how silly or ridiculous they may sound to you!

Awaken possibility comes directly from Ben Zander’s DAVOS talk, which is embedded below. If you listen to the opening 1 minute and 39 seconds, you will hear him describe what it means to awaken possibility. For me, those words provide a reenergizing and delightfully positive way to frame teaching and coaching adults. 

I have taken the replies to the AIMS Ning Discussion and posted them on a Google Doc. There are a number of similarities with the CAIS Brainstorm, and between the two there are ideas galore for how to awaken possibilities for adult learning and collaboration!

Please do jump in and collaborate with all of us by sharing your ideas and suggestions!



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