The Spreading of Ideas

How do ideas spread? When I was a kid, we played a game called Telephone. We sat in a circle and the chosen first person whispered a message into the ear of the person sitting to their right. That person then whispered the message into the ear of the person sitting on their right. And so the pattern continued all around the circle until the message was whispered back into the left ear of the person who started the message going in the first place. 

This game is undoubtably still played, and the results are surely the same – the ending message is not the same as the starting message. Ideas spread with the same rapidity, and sometimes the same reliability, as in the Telephone game, especially when aided and abetted by the online world. 

I have been late to the Twitter bandwagon, only just joining last week as part of my participation in the AIMS Technology Retreat, and then as a response to a colleague who asked me where I was on Twitter, as she had spent some time looking for me. 

Twitter hastens the sharing of ideas. Yes, you have to be online to participate, but once there, ideas are everywhere to be had. This very same colleague who is responsible for welcoming me to Twitter, has tweeted a link for the Twitter Handbook for Teachers, embedded below. I think this provides one of the more compelling explanations of, and reasons for using Twitter, that I have yet to see.

And as for the proliferation of ideas – yup, some will be fascinating and others will make you scratch your head in wonder (for better or worse). Of course, you can add your own ideas, and some people will find them fascinating and others will scratch their heads in wonder…


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