Closing out the month

Happy 2nd birthday to Neurons Firing! I celebrated in a big way by attending two different independent school associations’ annual Tech Retreats over the past week – one in Connecticut (CAIS) and the other in Maryland (AIMS). To top that off, I presented keynotes at both!

Met some new folks, connected in person (some for the first time) with “old” friends from online, and feel part of new professional communities. Stimulating, encouraging, and cognitively expanding. 🙂

All of this accounts for the relative quiet on Neurons Firing for the past two months; my thinking, writing and reading have been focused on preparing the interactive keynotes. And my husband, son, and two talented colleagues at school have generously been providing guidance on the process. Am guessing they are all celebrating that my celebration has finally wound down. 😉

Have started to write about the CAIS Retreat, and the AIMS Retreat will surely follow. Meanwhile, a birthday celebration would not be complete without thanking all of you who have stopped by to read and comment over the past two years. 


Brainstorm (in SketchUp) by Fred


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