Making the CAIS

indexcardsApproximately 175 index cards filled with brainstormed ideas generated by 30 people. Wow!

After a first attempt at categorizing the cards by laying them out on the floor, I quickly realized what a wonderful potential activity they presented. What if the cards had been stickies, and every sticky was placed on a wall, easily available for large scale viewing. We could generate a sticky bar chart, a visual summary, a large-scale categorization, ideas that can be handled and readily rearranged.

For this first summary, all of the index cards were categorized so as to organize the number of related but differently worded entries. Each category was then labeled using one or two words. Next a list was created of the labels, with each label repeated on the list for as many times as there were index cards in that category. The resulting list was popped into wordle, which generated a visual summary. For those not familiar with wordle, the size of the words is determined by the number of times any given word is repeated. Larger words = repeated more often.

Later this week I’ll pop all of the cards, verbatim, into a Google Doc and share the URL in another post. Meanwhile, what ideas do you have about optimal conditions for getting adults to learn? Think: activities, conditions, venues. And remember, a good brainstorm includes all ideas, no matter how silly or ridiculous it sounds to you.



One thought on “Making the CAIS

  1. hsugarmill

    Love the look of your blog! (and the content, too, or else, I wouldn’t be here) Can you tell me which template you’re using?

    Harriet in Montreal

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