Daily Archives: February 28, 2009

GCT Reload

[March 28 Update: Lisa Thumann has written perhaps the best post about this day. She did a massive amount of organizing to make the day a success, and this morning I found my way to her post: My Aha! Moment of the Day February 27, 2009.] google

The building on the left may look rather nondescript, but inside it is anything but plain. This is 76 Ninth Avenue, home of the New York City offices of Google. Today marked my second time inside these hallowed halls. Alas, picture taking was not allowed, but Information Week was able to get a set of pictures for their article Googleplex East: Search And The City, so you can check here to see how employees travel from one end of the block long building to the other and how they keep themselves nourished in the process. 

Just what brought me to Google the first time, and back this second time? The Google Teacher Academy, the first time (February 2007), and the GCT (Google Certified Teacher) Reload the second time. 

More about this over the next few days. Meanwhile, time to hit the sack after an energizing day at Google and an evening at opening night of our annual student-faculty musical, tapping in this year with Anything Goes. (For those of you who have been readers for awhile, this year I laughed and applauded from the audience, unlike last year when I participated onstage. Who knows what next year will bring!)