Daily Archives: February 10, 2009


For awhile we were hooked on watching the “cooking shows” on PBS. Every Sunday, for several winters in a row, we’d curl up in the late afternoon or early evening and watch Lydia and Ming on their separate shows. About four years ago, to celebrate my husband’s birthday, we hightailed it into New York City to eat at one of Lidia’s restaurants, Felidia. I do not recall the food (with apologies to the chef), but do vividly recall that as we were leaving, Lidia was entering! Of course, I had to go over to her and tell her how much we enjoyed her show.

blue-gingerThis past November, while in Cambridge to attend the Learning & the Brain conference, we had the pleasure of eating at Ming’s Blue Ginger in Wellesley, MA. In addition to the food being mouth watering delicious, the evening was special because we were with our younger son, my husband’s sister and her husband and son, and one of my husband’s brothers and his wife. Oh yes, and there was one more piece that made it special – Ming was there! So of course, I had to go over and introduce myself and tell him how much we enjoyed both his show and his restaurant. 🙂

It’s taken me this long to document the visits in a post because I’ve been waiting for my brother-in-law’s wife to email me the picture she took on her cell phone. So, with thanks to Pat, here we are! (By the way, Ming was most gracious, and considering I probably wasn’t the only one who had something to say that night, he was quite generous with his time.)