School Design

Design has a huge impact on function. This morning my husband sent me a link from DesignShare about the Ordrup School in Denmark. A Case Study of Ordrup School, Gentofte, Denmark discusses the process involved in creating “spaces for differentiated teaching and creating thinking.” Additional photos of the school can be seen on the designer’s site.

A search for Ordrup School turned up the ordrup-gym blog, which appears to be entries by older students in the Ordrup School. They write about the Danish school system, and Danish society.

I am intrigued that the students were included in the design process, along with faculty and parents. Furthermore, the designers actually moved into the school to see how everyone interacts, both with one another and with the space. 

My husband has explored school design in a series of School 2.0 Design SketchUp movies . To fully appreciate these models they should be viewed within SketchUp, where they can be seen as movie walkthroughs. The free Google SketchUp 7 can be downloaded from here.

[UPDATE February 12, 2009 – Another interesting place to hear about school design is in this Phorecast Podcast with Randall Fielding of Fielding Nair International, “Architects and Change Agents for Education” and DesignShare.]

3 thoughts on “School Design

  1. Tomas Seo

    Thanks for the link Laurie, glad you enjoyed our podcast, we have decided that we will do a couple of more interviews on redesigning educations this years so watch out for more on that topic.

    Cheers, Tomas

  2. Jack Hadley

    Thanks Laurie. This was awesome. My son-in-law is an industrial designer who dabbles in the relationships between interior design and industrial design. I sent him your post. Thanks for sharing this. — Jack

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