Brain Conferences

nyds-smallFor the past four or five years I have been eagerly attending brain conferences. My husband says that I could probably attend such conferences for years to come, they would cost less money than a year of grad school, and I’d be exposed to  cutting edge information. He’s probably correct! You can read all of my posts about the conferences by clicking the Learning & the Brain conference tag. (SketchUp image by Fred. If you are curious about this image, watch the movie on his page of the Seussian model he created.)

The Learning & the Brain conference takes place three times a year, with the next one scheduled for this February in San Francisco, CA, the theme of which is Using Social Brain Research to Enhance Cognition & Achievement.  May’s conference in Washington, D.C. will focus on The Creative Brain: Using Creativity & The Arts Research To Enhance Learning. This is similar to the theme of the conference I had hoped to attend in November 2007, so you can bet I will try my best to attend this May conference. The third conference will take place November  20-22, 2009 in Cambridge, MA, with this year’s theme yet to be determined.

In addition to the conferences, there are two related summer institutes. 

June 22-25 at Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA – Making Connections: The Art & Science of Teaching

July 28-31 at University Park Campus, University of Southern California, Los Angeles – Teaching for Learning: Connecting Brain & Cognitive Science with the Classroom

Robert Greenleaf’s name has come up a number of times in my posts. He has been a speaker at my school’s opening faculty meetings, and I participated in one of his brain workshops. Last summer I attended The Brain, Learning & Applications summer institute with which he is affiliated. Posts about last summer’s institute are accessible via the tag reference in my opening paragraph.

Greenleaf Learning, along with others, now present five institutes annually throughout the spring and summer, touching down in three different countries.

April 9-10, Frankfurt International School, Germany

April 19-20, Cary Academy, Cary, North Carolina. U.S.

June 25-26, Hillfield Strathallan College, Hamilton, Toronto, Canada

July 16-17, Albuquerque Academy, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S.

August 18-19, Avon Old Farms School, Avon, Connecticut, U.S.

As Lisa Rhodes, the organizer of the Albuquerque institute wrote, “The institutes offer incredible local opportunities to see nationally recognized speakers at extremely reasonable rates.”

I have no personal experience with the Society for Neuroscience, but they do have an annual meeting scheduled for October 17-21 in Chicago, Illinois. You can catch up with highlights of the 2008 meeting in this podcast by Ginger Campbell, MD. Ginger’s site, Brain Science Podcast, is chock full of book reviews and insightful interviews with neuroscientists.

If any of you know of other brain related conferences, please share the information in a comment. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “Brain Conferences

  1. Ned Hamilton

    I am organizing the April 19-20 Cary Academy conference. Thanks for the mention. Our conference will focus on teaching using Modeling/Inquiry techniques. The web site given in the URL gives more details.

  2. Bob Greenleaf

    Laurie, Thanks so much for posting this!! I really appreciate it. Would you be interested in a pdf of one ormore of my books on brain/learning for the right column of this flyer?

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