Brain 101 redux

Many of my early posts on Neurons Firing were about the brain. In fact, they are catalogued on a separate page, Brain 101. In wanting to better understand what the brain looks like, how it feels, and how it works, I even did a mini-dissection of a small sheep brain. And last year, in a Frontiers In Science elective at my school, I had the opportunity to participate in a dissection of a brain that still had the eyes attached. 

I still haven’t found my “ideal” brain book – a book with pictures of a human brain, shown by parts of the brain, pictured at actual size but also enlarged to better see what is there, with explanations of each part, and essays similar to those written by Lewis Thomas in books such as The Lives of a Cell. (V.S. Ramachandran would be a perfect author for such a book!) Meanwhile, I enjoy these projects created by sixth graders at my school as part of their Science class.






3 thoughts on “Brain 101 redux

  1. synapsesensations Post author


    In your comment you asked if there was any info on a person actually “hearing” neurons firing. If there is, I am not familiar with it, but the idea is intriguing! If you find out any information, I’d be most interested in hearing back from you. Thanks!


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