Digital Synapses

picture-1Back in April of 2007, when Neurons Firing began, I had no idea where it would lead. I simply wanted a place to focus my interest and learning, and figured that writing for a potential audience would keep me honest, so to speak.

Since then, many of you have kindly enhanced the content of these posts with your comments. To kick off 2009, somewhat akin to the spirit of stone soup, here are digital synapses, in random sequence, from Neurons Firing. (image: Digital Abstract by Fred)

Eaton Brain Improvement Centre

mind sparke Brain Fitness Pro

LearningWorks for Kids

Blind Spots (the blog by the author of the book of the same name)

Brain Science Podcast with Ginger Campbell, MD

Shaping Youth

More Than Sound Productions – Dialogues on Social Intelligence – I guest blog here!

Investigacion Psicologica

History Is Elementary

Teachers Love SMART Boards

Learning at Light Speed Weblog

Blogger in Middle-earth 

Alan Coady’s Musical Blog 

Cowork Utah – interesting idea for community office space


Hypergraphia Indulged


The Nurse Practitioner’s Place

Practical Change

Tantalus Prime

Dave’s Whiteboard

Ideas In Transformation

Notes from a Tool User

Bladam 2.0


The Adolescent Brain – “Crazy by Design” webquest


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