Gregory Petsko’s TED Talk

Jack, of clarityworx, shared this link to Gregory Petsko’s TED Talk: The coming neurological epidemic. This is the perfect time to point you in Petsko’s direction, inserted between my post on Ken Kosik’s talk about Alzheimer’s and my upcoming post covering Aaron Nelson’s talk on memory. 

It’s also the perfect time to ask any of you who are WordPress folks for some advice. I would love to be able to use the embed commands from TED Talks – has anyone figured out if it’s possible to make them work? Currently I have to use youtube, which is fine, except for occasions like this when the TED Talk is not yet posted to youtube.

Thanks for any insight anyone might provide!

December 6 – Petsko’s TED Talk is now on youtube, the code for which embeds nicely in wordpress, so here it is:


3 thoughts on “Gregory Petsko’s TED Talk

  1. Ian Clarke

    Hey there! I’ve also been frustrated by the limitations of the hosted WordPress. As you’ve learned by now, the hosted WordPress is very limited, you can’t just embed arbitrary media in your blog. Additionally, you can’t opt to use tools like Woopra and Google Analytics which require that you can embed your own code.

    Eventually I gave up on WordPress and migrated to Squarespace, which affords far more flexibility.

  2. synapsesensations Post author

    Thanks for the suggestion, Ali. I’ve tried that before with the html from the TED Talks page (for a given video), but after pasting the html and saving the page, all that appears is blank space in the location of the html.

    I have no difficulty when using the embed html for youtube videos, though, and just wonder if it is something with the code from TED Talks.

    Again, thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Ali

    not sure if this is the same in hosted sites, but: in the wp post editor, just below where you enter the subject line, you can switch between html and visual mode. use html mode and paste the embed code in there. works for me, at least.

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