Pod Naps and Sleep Benefits

Two days ago the New York Times published the article We’ll Fill This Space, but First a Nap. In addition to covering the EnergyPod, which looks like it could, if this were in the work place, quite possibly help induce one to nap during the day, the author reminds us of some of the benefits of sleep, not the least of which is the impact on our creative process. Some of the benefits of sleep include:

the connecting of unrelated ideas and memories

enhancing performance

cementing learning

jelling memory

providing an incubation period for the brain to process ideas

allowing the brain to switch gears and change paths

Combinations of the above benefits can foster creativity by leading the brain to consider alternative pathways, which can then generate more creative solutions.

I’ve often thought that kindergartners were a creative lot by nature. Perhaps it’s not merely that we teach the creative process out of kids (as Ken Robinson has on occasion commented), but that we also take napping out of our daily lives as we progress through childhood – at least in the U.S. – and pay the price of less creativity finding its way into our lives. If you live in a country or work at a company where napping is part of the culture, please tell us about it by leaving a comment below. Thanks!


One thought on “Pod Naps and Sleep Benefits

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