Daily Archives: September 4, 2008

Summer Segue

I can gauge how relaxing summer has been by the length of time it takes me to get back in gear for doing tech support at school. Providing tech support is a minor responsibility for me that mostly gets called in to play at the start of each new school year. My school has an outstanding tech department, but at the beginning of the school year everyone in the computer department pitches in to ease the work flow.

The more relaxed I feel, the longer it takes me to fish out the tips, tricks and tech trouble shooting skills that got tucked away the previous June. Case in point from yesterday was the first three Smart Board issues that came my way. Thanks to Ben Zander’s words

You made a mistake. How fascinating!

I can look back at each misdiagnosis and smile that next time, I’m more likely to remember the solutions due to his words. Just in case, though, here’s a reminder to self:

  • Check the resolution on the computer when the board does not register being touched in partial areas once it has been oriented.
  • Check that version 9.7 of the notebook software (we are using 9.7, with plans to upgrade to 10 in January) is installed on any computer attached to a board where the orientation is off by a few inches.
  • Check that the ceiling projector is set for the computer on any board that turns on but is not displaying the computer’s desktop.

Happily, our neighborhood pool is open through September 15th, and I can swim through the summer segue. And then the decision will be whether to join an indoor pool or not. Here’s a picture of the entrance to our neighborhood pool, taken one winter’s day when the schools were surely closed!