CAIS Images

Tomorrow you’ll be able to read about today’s second and final day of the CAIS conference. Last night I had a light and healthy dinner with a glass of pinot noir, followed by a not-as-thick-as-I’d-like hot cocoa and a scrumptious chocolate mascarpone cheesecake.

Be it the wine, caffeine, sugar, or something else, I didn’t manage to fall asleep till way after midnight (perhaps I should have practiced a thing or two from LeAnn Nickelson’s session on nutrition!) and was up at 6:15 in the morning (David Eagleman would grimace at my lack of quality sleep!)

After a full day in Connecticut and an almost two hour drive home, I have actually run out of steam and am falling back on this (hopefully) clever post. Clever, because both the last keynote and one of the last concurrent sessions (the one I attended) were presented by Dave Gray, founder and chairman of XPLANE, the visual thinking company.

I leave you with visuals of Avon Old Farms School, Avon Old Farms Hotel, and a page from my notes during Dave Gray’s keynote. Consider it some visual thinking, of sorts, to tide us over till tomorrow.

correction to my notes: The name of the Isotype designer is Otto Neurath.


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