Another Brain Conference!

This seems to be my calendar year for attending conferences about the brain. In April I attended the Learning & the Brain conference in Cambridge, Massachusetts and later this month I’ll be attending the Connecticut Association of Independent Schools (CAIS) Summer Institute: The Brain, Learning & Applications.

This is CAIS’s second annual brain institute. I recall seeing the announcement of this conference for last summer but the timing did not work with my schedule. However, this year the timing is perfect, and there are a number of tidbits that tempt.

First tidbit: One of the presenters and sponsors is Robert Greenleaf, about whom I have written multiple times, as you can see from this tag.

Second tidbit: James Zull will be presenting. I am pumped to hear him in person, having first learned about him at the Learning & the Brain conference and also having just finished yesterday his most excellent book (about which I will be writing more) The Art of Changing the Brain: Enriching the Practice of Teaching by Exploring the Biology of Learning. I’ve written one prior post on Zull which turned out to be the perfect precursor to reading his book.

Third tidbit: Fay Brown is presenting. Fay is affiliated with Yale University and I first heard her at the Learning & the Brain conference, where she introduced Ken Kosik. She also introduced some of the keynote speakers. After Kosik’s talk I introduced myself to her and am eager to reconnect, as she struck me as a lively, engaging, and informed person who speaks with passion and humor.

Fourth tidbit: Dave Gray is presenting both a keynote and a session. Dave Gray is the Founder and Chairman of XPLANE which focuses on visual thinking. Check out the blog Visual Thinking Art for a view of visual thinking in action, Dave Gray’s blog Communication Nation or the Visual thinking school pages by Gray on Squidoo. For those of you who are regular readers of my blog, you know that I enjoy taking drawing classes. I’ve been wanting to take one of Gray’s seminars but the price was a bit steep to ask my school to fund for a one day class. His being at the CAIS Institute is definitely a treat! (CAIS costs about a third of his one day seminar.)

Fifth tidbit: Kim Carraway is presenting. No plans to take her sessions as I took a pre-conference workshop with her several years ago at yet another Learning & the Brain conference, but she impressed me then as being knowledgeable and personable.

Sixth tidbit: There will be a session on nutrition.

I think there will be much opportunity for intellectual stimulation, and you can be sure there will be multiple posts to come about this conference!

p.s. Started swimming a mile a day as of July 27th! Read this post, especially the bottom, for further explanation.


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