To begin with, it’s a funny sounding word which could mean anything.

It sounds like something that should be fun.

What it actually is, is an online “word cloud” generator.

You give Wordle the text, either copied and pasted or as a direct link to a blog post. Wordle then turns the text into a cloud, and you can alter the color, font, and overall design of the cloud. The word size is dependent upon how many times a given word is mentioned in the text.

The resulting cloud can be shared on the web, printed, or saved to pdf. You can print the cloud on a tee shirt or a business card; use it in anyway you like. The cloud can be used to analyze text in a number of ways. Try it with poetry, with a blog post, with a news article (and then ask people to figure out what the article is about based upon the cloud). (That idea comes from Box of Tricks.)

If you click the cloud image above, it will take you to the full size Wordle cloud. It’s a Wordle of my previous post.

I know, computer applications are not my usual topic, but this application resonated in a big way, so enjoy the diversion, though I’d argue it’s actually quite a brain compatible app. 🙂



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