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Just tidying up!

On the issue of images not appearing in Safari, but appearing in Firefox – WordPress has a message that “because of an issue with Amazon’s S3 service, some images maybe unavailable for viewing after upload. We are working on resolving this issue and will update the following forum thread with more information as it is available.” (Just moments after posting this, it appears the images are being displayed fine now in my previous post. What’s that about ‘your wish is my command’ 😉 )

On the name change of some Pages at the top of my blog, and the addition of a new Page – The Brain 101 has become Brain 101, and Prof Dev has become PD, so that the new page, Sharp, could be added and all the pages still fit in one row.

Looks like I will be a regular contributor to the blog, so I have created a page to hold all of my guest posts. Am excited by this opportunity as it should help me continue to improve my writing, and provoke my thinking and learning. Thanks go to Alvaro Fernandez for extending the invitation!


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