A Sharp Post

Oh my gosh, I am a guest blogger! Well, I’ve written one post and it’s too early to know if this will continue, but for now please feel free to pop over to SharpBrains.com and check out 10 Brain Tips That Help Me Teach…and Learn.

It was an interesting process writing a post to be published elsewhere. I had a tough time getting started and Alvaro kindly gave me some topic suggestions, which helped get my flow going.

The curious part was maintaining my voice while trying to take into consideration the readers of the SharpBrains blog.

Both for SharpBrains and Neurons Firing, I’d like to work on keeping my style while whittling down some of my wordiness. A student sent me a link to a recent Slate article, Lazy Eyes – How We Read Online, which makes some helpful and entertaining points about not only how we read online text, but also about the usefulness of blogging. Ahem, a quoted source in the article is not a fan of blogging, however, the points on how text should best be formatted for reading online are well taken (though that doesn’t mean I’m going to always follow them 😉 )

One thought on “A Sharp Post

  1. Shaping Youth

    I have that ‘voice’ problem too, as I won’t squelch it for the world, and only will ‘guest post’ when the fit is right.

    You did a great job with it, and we’d love to have you as a ‘Shaping Youth correspondent’ too! Our nonprofit deals with media and marketing’s impact on kids, and is a much more casual, first person tone with candor and shoot from the hip style, backed by academic studies and solid data.

    I think your voice is a great fit for us, as is your blog! I’ve just added you to my Google Reader, and hope we can open up a dialog on behalf of kids everywhere…you’re ‘awesome’ as the kids would say. 😉 Would love to have you lend a hand in building kids’ critical thinking skills in media/marketing! Best, Amy

    “Too often we give children answers to remember rather than problems to solve. ~Roger Lewin”

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