And Now For Something Completely Different*

School is officially over, with graduation having taken place this past Friday. Coupled with this weekend’s warm temperatures in the 90s, it is starting to feel a lot like summer. 🙂

My sons grew up being big computer gamers, and I suspect they will be tickled by the game systems noted in Anne Eisenberg’s New York Times article Moving Mountains With the Brain, Not a Joystick. Eisenberg writes of two headsets that use electrodes to help the respective game systems read brain waves and facial muscles, which in turn are used to control the onscreen action. The technology is derived from that used by EEGs.

But the “something completely different” of this title is referring to the amazing and historic campaign to become the Democratic nominee for President of the United States. Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama ran intense campaigns fueled by desire and determination. Collectively they and their campaigns are responsible for brining in thousands of new voters and energizing a large portion of the disenfranchised electorate. Either of them would have made history by becoming the nominee, and I am proud to have witnessed this positive turn of events in my country.

* To borrow a title from Monty Python, thank you.


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