Advanced Drawing Class

Brian Bomeisler’s two day intensive Advanced Drawing Class focused on light, shadow, crosshatching, and sighting. I had my first experience drawing some of the classics of drawing – a still life of fruit, a bottle and flowers; and a nude. We began on a rainy Friday.

Friday morning, just getting started by warming up with a Vanishing Point.

A styrofoam ball to expose shadows and light.

Perspective, shadows and light with a cone, cube and ball – I was pleased with the shadows and relationship of the cube and ball. I headed home after a full day of drawing, pleased that for not having drawn in many months, as with the act of bicycle riding so much had remained with me.


This was our first drawing on a sunny, cool Saturday morning, and I was a bit too focused on what I was drawing, so the end result is a bit forced…a bit too left brain! I headed to lunch with this on my mind, and determined to relax a bit for our afternoon drawing, which was made all the more possible by an enjoyable lunch with Dianne, another student in the class. We talked about our careers, our children, and our feelings about the class, having both taken prior workshops with Brian.

I am still amazed that I drew this picture. I didn’t think about the body form; only about defining the negative space that surrounded the body. Am tickled with the result!


3 thoughts on “Advanced Drawing Class

  1. synapsesensations Post author

    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for your post! Am tickled that my drawing was useful; I thoroughly enjoyed taking the drawing classes.
    Cheers, Laurie

  2. keith

    found your drawing through google, I am no artist, was explaining renaissance art and vanishing points to my students. Used your top photograph of the road.


  3. Riley Kaminer

    I really give credit to people who can draw well. I think I will stick to my favorite mode of creativity: photography. I’d rather use photoshop than a canvas (and it’s better off that way, too)! Keep on drawing!


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