The Pajama Game has been put to bed.

Alas, we have opened and closed, happily to thunderous applause and standing ovations. Well, what else would you expect from an audience of family, students and friends, and a musical that has some rousing songs, active staging and two great dances (Steam Heat and Hernando’s Hideaway), and of course some good acting to boot!

My regular posts will resume this week, but I wanted to mark the wonderful time I had in this production by sharing two more photos with you. The first is a backstage shot of three factory workers (I’m the one on the right). The second is the closing moments of Hernando’s Hideaway, and I’m the one in green.

Forecast this week includes two days in the 60s. While we may yet have some cold and damp weather, spring is on its way. Olé!



p.s. Those five satin dresses were made by a Math teacher in our upper school. One of the students took a picture of the five of us and I’ll be sure to share it in a future post. Satin dresses accompanied by heels sure did a lot to set the mood for our  tango dancing!


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