A Few Resources for the Prof Dev Idea

Since last winter, I have been collecting resources in case my idea for professional development was approved. What follows are the digital resources. If you have suggestions for resources that could be part of this list, please add them in a comment. Indeed, the more perspective on the topics, the more useful the resources become as a group.

Setting the Tone
• Medieval Help Desk: Introducing the book
• TEDTAlks: Sir Ken Robinson on Creativity
• Mediasnackers Podcast #88: interview with Ken Robinson
• Digital Students @ Analog Schools
• Digital Ethnography: A Vision of Students Today
• Lucy Gray’s Infinite Thinking Machine post: What’s Your Mindset
• DistrictAdministration article: The New Literacies
• Using Social Technologies to Redefine Schooling by Will Richardson and Rob Mancabelli
• “The Classics” by Marc Prensky – two articles:
Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants ~ A New Way To Look At Ourselves and Our Kids
Do They REALLY Think Differently? ~ Neuroscience Says Yes

Sharing, Communicating, Creating
• From last year’s LS computer teacher at my school – Here are a few websites that the children have mentioned that they go to:
Yahooligans and Kidsdomain (I urge them to use these)
Club Penguin
• 360 Blog: A Survey of Kids’ Social Networking Sites
• Kevin Jarrett’s slideshare Tween Social Networking Sites: They’re Heeeeeere!
• A 23 year old’s perspective: youtube first world : fugly third world : liveleak real world
Google Video
Second Life
SketchUp and 3D SketchUp Warehouse

• Wesly Fryer’s Infinite Thinking Machine post: Blogging can make you smarter
• The Fischbowl (blog entry and video): Blogging in Their Own Words
• Steve Hargadon’s Infinite Thinking Machine post: A 14-year old Talks Educational Technology
and the 14-year old’s blog: Newly Ancient

Articles & Research on Multitasking
• TIME article published March 19, 2006: Are Kids Too Wired For Their Own Good?
section on: Your Brain When it Multitasks
• Vanderbilt University published January 18, 2007: Neural bottleneck found that thwarts multi-tasking
• NYT article March 25, 2007 by Steve Lohr: Slow Down, Brave Multitasker, and Don’t Read This in Traffic
• UCLA News August 15, 2007: Don’t Talk to a Friend While Reading This; Multi-Tasking Adversely Affects the Brain’s Learning Systems, UCLA Scientists Report
• The Spring 2008 New Atlantis article by Christine Rosen: The Myth of Multitasking

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