An Experiment with Unintended Effect

In exploring WordPress I came upon directions for adding slide shows to posts, which got me tinkering with, the app recommended by WordPress. I was curious to see if the slide show could be embedded in the sidebar (so far, nope) so returned to to get the code for embedding in a post. Clicking a choice to put the slide show in a post created, a bit to my surprise, this post. That was not my initial intention, but now that it’s here, I hope you enjoy!

These are 2D images exported from each of several 3D SketchUp models created by my husband. SketchUp is a 3D modeling program originally created by a bunch of folks in Colorado, and sold to Google about a year ago. Now called Google SketchUp, you can download a free version or pay for a professional version. The free version is more than adequate for the majority of users.

SketchUp initially caught on as an architectural modeling program, but you can do much more with it should you be so inclined. As noted before, it is a 3D modeling program. This means that you can create just about anything you can think of – toys, tools, art, buildings, fantasia – using three dimensional modeling tools. Once created, while the image may look “flat”, it can be manipulated so you can view the interiors and depth and dimension of your creation.

The folks at Google, with their vast warehouses of servers, have created the SketchUp Warehouse where folks can post their models. If you have not yet seen SketchUp, this is definitely something different and worth a click or two to explore, and below are some links to provide an introduction.

~ Description of the 3D Warehouse
~ My husband’s 3D warehouse
~ Abstract Art Collection
~ SketchUp Art available for sale
~ Fred’s blog (in wiki format) about his SketchUp design adventures

p.s. The post intended for today is V. S. Ramachandran


2 thoughts on “An Experiment with Unintended Effect

  1. Andrew

    Hi again, Laurie. Thank you for the kind words!

    I honestly can’t remember exactly how I found your blog, but I do know I linked to it from another neurologically-related blog. I think I checked out The Neurocritic, which linked to something else which linked to something else, and so on until I came across your blog. Yours stood out as something different and your voice was quite refreshing and everything you posted was related to our class themes of perception and consciousness. Our assignment was to choose a blog or a book that dealt with these themes and write a review targeted at a specific audience. And there you have it! Keep up the writing and best of luck in the classroom!


    p.s., the story I posted is only an unfinished draft so please don’t judge too harshly! I’m hoping to finish a full story by semester’s end.

  2. Andrew


    I thought you might be interested to know, I’ve reviewed your blog as part of a blog review assignment for a graduate English class at Queens College called “The Literary Mind” (Don’t worry, it’s a glowing review!). Feel free to check it out and leave a comment of your own!


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