Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade

My recollection of what I was like as a learner in elementary school, grades K through six, is neutral, at best. There are no particularly strong memories, other than recalling that I always disliked rules or punishments (of myself or others) that seemed inequitably applied.

In junior high, grades seven through nine, I remember coming of age in terms of liking boys, loving dancing and music, and struggling mightily in French. Notebooks were meant for doodling, while each new marking period provided a time to start anew with fresh pages in clean notebooks.

By high school, grades ten through twelve, I was a voracious reader, often sneaking long reads in classes that were not as interesting as the book secretly deposited in my lap. Science and Math seemed difficult, though I often did better than I expected; French still eluded me; and English was a favorite subject for the wonderful books we read and the writing I was able to produce. My favorite past time was working towards, and eventually becoming Copy Editor of my school paper. Hanging out in the print shop, where we had light tables and type setting equipment, made my days.

I was an energetic, smiley-faced, relaxed kid who, when asked by my Dad about my future plans, explained earnestly that I simply wanted to be happy. College wasn’t exactly on my horizon but it was on my parents’ viewfinder for me, and the deal was after one year of college I could return home if it wasn’t to my liking. Take a gander at what happens next.

p.s. This is the first time I’ve visited the links to my elementary, junior (now called middle), and senior high schools!


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