Adult Learning; Professional Development

As mentioned when sharing a little about myself, I am interested in the brain and also in professional development for faculty. Over a span of twenty-six years I have taught kindergarten through college level, plus adults who are out in the work force. In the past nine years, my role at school has included creating and organizing professional development for a faculty of 140, most sessions having focused on technology but many which have not.

There are two areas I am eager to explore.
The first is how adults learn.
~ Why are what seems like too many teachers recalcitrant when it comes
to change?
~ What impetus is there for faculty to change and develop?
~ How do we frame and support “change” to make it viable and useful for faculty?

The second is professional development for faculty.
~ Why are many schools focused on training that only covers a teacher’s field?
~ How do we get more schools to herald multidisciplinary professional development?
~ What programs already exist as a model, and what is my idea of such a multidisciplinary model?

(You knew I had something percolating, didn’t you.) 😉

Next post begins at the beginning, with a reflection on my own learning.


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