The Learning & the Brain Conference, November 2007

The Learning and the Brain conference is fast approaching, scheduled to take place November 16 through 18, 2007, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The subtitle of this fall’s conference is Using Brain Research to Enhance Cognitive Abilities.There are a number of sessions, including a pre-conference workshop, that I would like to attend.

• Cultivating Creative and Critical Thinking in the Classroom
• Creating Intelligence: How (Well-Structured) Talk Builds the Mind
• Brainology: Achievement Predictions in Adolescents’ Motivation & Math
• How to Think About Cognitive Functions and Creativity
• Enhancing Creative Cognition in the Classroom
• Motivating Students: Cultivating a Passion for Learning in Classrooms and Schools

I am a big fan of this conference, which is now taking place multiple times during the year – twice in Cambridge, once in San Francisco, California, a summer institute in June at Lawrence Academy in Groton, MA, as well as the related First Annual International Mind, Brain & Education Society Conference in Texas, November 1-3, 2007.

The purpose of The Learning and the Brain conferences is to share with educators, administrators, parents, educational specialists and support folks, and support folks such as psychiatrists, psychotherapists, social workers, and medical personnel, a distillation of the latest in brain research and how we can best put this information to use.

Alas, this year my plans have changed and I will not be attending. Although, to be quite forthright, I will be participating in a family function instead, and that is just as nice. 🙂 If any of you attends the conference and would like to write about your experience or sessions attended, I would be delighted to post your piece. Please contact me by leaving a comment on this entry.


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